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Wandle Trickle TSM Surveys

Case Study

Daily ‘Trickled’ TSM Surveys to Improve Overall Tenant Satisfaction

Wandle Housing Association is a forward-thinking 7,000+ unit social housing provider in South-East England. They are shaking up their customer engagement strategy by using an innovative approach to gathering their TSM satisfaction data. The results include improvements to their overall customer satisfaction levels and enable Wandle to be more responsive to tenants while using less resources.

With the government’s new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) due to become mandatory in England by April 2023, Wandle wanted to get a head start. They have begun gathering their satisfaction data before the TSMs become regulated, helping them and their customers to be more prepared. But their own approach is a little different.

If we did the TSMs in one go, we’d have thousands of comments to read, and it’s not practical

Traditionally, gathering customer satisfaction data ‘en masse’ has been a mammoth task for any Registered Social Landlord (RSL). Usually, it’s done by conducting a single annual survey at one point in time. This brings a massive amount of satisfaction data which does provide an answer to the question “how are we performing”, but doesn’t allow us to actually act on any of the feedback given because of the sheer volume of information gathered.

Improving performance in response to customer feedback is a key focus of the Government White Paper so, by not reading and understanding the results, social landlords are missing an important opportunity for continuous improvement. This typically happens because of a lack of resources, rather than a lack of desire to do something with the results.

Wandle’s Solution

Wandle have come up with, and implemented, a solution to this problem in advance of the new TSM regulations. Using their transactional surveying platform CX-Feedback, they have automated the delivery of their annual satisfaction survey to every tenant, trickled out little by little over the course of the year. The system delivers a satisfaction survey to every tenant on the anniversary of their own tenancy start date, so the survey is spread out over the course of the year. This eradicates the painful, manual task of sending satisfaction surveys to tenants, which is replaced by an automated yet very personalised service. Wandle are able to instantly read, understand and manage the responses that come in because they are received over time in a much more manageable fashion than before. This type of system avoids the huge customer satisfaction ‘data dump’ that comes with carrying out a perceptional survey of all tenants at one point in time.


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    Lynda Davis
“If we did the TSMs in one go, we’d have thousands of comments to read, and it’s not practical to manage that effectively. By gathering the feedback slowly over the course of the year, we give ourselves time to take more care and devote more energy to making genuine, real-life improvements for tenants.”

Wandles Results

Wandle’s results are that tenants are listened to much more carefully than through a large-scale perceptional survey. Each individual response is one of dozens that week, rather than one of hundreds or thousands, so the team at Wandle are able to manage and deal with individual queries, comments, and suggestions.

This in turn allows Wandle to more easily identify where they are doing well, and not so well, and focus their resources on targeting the areas which can be most easily and quickly improved. Demonstrating implementation of changes in response to feedback results in higher satisfaction scores from customers, and a team who are less caught up with manual tasks and more able to focus on the important part of their job – helping improve customers’ lives.

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