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Real-time Tenant Feedback

Transactional surveys powered by A.I. make tenant experience easy for you. Respond instantly and drive up tenant satisfaction scores.

Automated Transactional Surveys Eg Repairs, New Lets, ASB etc
Effortless Community Consultations
Regulator Friendly Annual Surveys Eg HouseMark, Arc, Whitepaper etc
A.I. Monitors Responses in Real-time
Inclusive Surveys with Multiple Delivery Methods
Achieves Your White Paper Obligations

Transactional Tenant Surveys

Automatically trigger surveys to your tenant after any interaction.
Surveys for repairs, new tenants, ASB reports and more.

One-Off and Transactional Surveys

Design your survey then automate it from trigger points, say a repair completion date or new lets.

Connects with: OpenHousing, Northgate, NPS, Castleton, Civica CX, Orchard, Aareon QL, SDM and most other systems.

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Easily Trigger Surveys From Your Housing Management System

CX-Feedback connect easily to all Housing Management systems, monitoring then for trigger points 24x7.

Artificial Intelligence Reads Feedback Automatically

Built-in A.I. works tirelessly for you, reading feedback 24/7 to look for out of place responses.

A.I. works silently in the background of your association, doing the work of tens of people and saving you hundreds of hours. It reads your feedback surveys, understands your tenants’ sentiment and scores the responses to point out when a tenant needs immediate attention.

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Responsive Service
= Happy Tenants

Being responsive means being notified instantly of any negative surveys and having the ability to respond to issues right away. Responsive service creates happy tenants.

CX-Feedback allows you to see responses as they come in and attend to any issues as soon as they appear, resulting in a faster service and better satisfaction scores.

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Multiple Survey Delivery Methods

Multiple delivery methods mean you can survey your tenants how they want to be surveyed, while managing all of your responses in one place.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Webform
  • Phonecall
  • Touchpoint
  • Face-to-Face
  • Post
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Easy Survey Builder &
Response Management
Maximise Inclusion and Response Rate

Take the hassle out of building surveys with our easy-to-use survey builder. Designed for RSLs, you can create any question required for reporting at any level, and manage your responses visually.

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Point & Click

CX-Feedback's world-class analytics tools put the power of a data analyst in your hands. Easy-to-use but in-depth charts and graphs let you look further into your survey results and pull trends and patterns out instantly. Learn more about your tenants and improve their lives effortlessly.

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Show off your tenant satisfaction scores how you choose with customisable dashboards. Display them on a wall board, give access to your senior management team or embed them in your website. Display any information in any way, exactly to your specifications.

Report How and When you Need

CX-Feedback's reporting capabilities are world-class. The power of an analyst at your fingertips.

Schedule Automated PDF Reports

PDF reports are totally customisable through CX-Feedback. Define which dashboards and charts you want to see and click generate. Keep your key stakeholders up to date regularly with automated scheduling and delivery of unlimited reports.

Build Word Reports for Editing

When it comes to your monthly/quarterly/annual report, CX-Feedback will produce a customised report template from your dashboards, allowing you to fill in the gaps with your analysis to wow your audience.

The Engagement+ Module

Learning from all the HAs we work with, we have created the Engagement+ module. This provides a versatile engagement platform that puts tenants at the centre.

The Engagement+ module for CX-Feedback makes it very easy for housing associations to create large or small-scale surveys and batch communications with any subset of their tenants. The product synchronises with the housing associations housing management system and allows a user to create a new engagement group based on any criteria in just a few seconds. Learn More

We Help You

We are proud of how much our staff care about helping you and your customers. We are here to help with anything from building surveys to scheduling PDF reports. We are not just a software company. We provide a service.


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CX-Feedback by Target Applications Ltd is a cloud-based, digital, tenant survey and engagement tool.

We have been delivering software designed specifically for UK RSLs and Public Services since 2008.