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Best Practice Tenant Engagement Strategy

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Tenant Engagement in the social housing sector is more important than ever. Changing requirements in the Government’s White Paper and the TSMs are putting increasing pressure on RSLs to engage better and more frequently with tenants.

At CX-Feedback we help over 60 UK RSLs to engage with their tenants in ways many never thought possible. We have gathered our experience, knowledge, ideas and best practice from across all of the RSLs we work with to create the Tenant Engagement Toolkit. This document provides a one-stop shop for creative tenant engagement ideas that you can take and use right now to improve tenant engagement and tenant participation.

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35 Great Engagement Ideas To Implement Now

7 pages of proven engagement ideas and best practices used by housing providers across the UK.

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Tenant Enagagment Toolkit: Videos & Downloads


Tenant Engagement Toolkit - Part 1

In session 1, Johnathan Briggs takes us through some of the nuances of the TSMs: the scoring system, the different types of question, and how we can change our view of the TSMs to improve our scores.


Tenant Engagement Toolkit - Part 3

In session 3, we learn how targeted engagement works, both on its own and in relation to your other engagement activities. Johnathan share some creative ideas that you can implement right now.


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