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Managed Tenant Satisfaction Measure (TSM) Survey £5,000

Your TSM perception survey completed end-to-end to the Social Housing Regulator's standards

Survey constructed specifically for you
All tenants invited with an est. response rate of 30%
Confidence levels calculated, methodology statement and representation guarantee
Regulator Ready Data set and numbers
Report, analysis of data, dashboards and personal management team presentation
Professional phone research, digital or hybrid
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A Complete, Regulator Compliant TSM Survey

From April 2023, English Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) will be required to survey, store, and submit data on Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs). The Regulator for Social Housing will publish the TSMs in Autumn 2024, when each RSL’s TSM report will become accessible on public record.

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Experts In Social Housing

We work with over 60 social landlords and are expert in understanding the needs of landlords and tenants.

Every year we help design 100s of surveys for social housing landlords and their tenants. We send around 2 million survey invitations per year which gives us a unique insight into tenant’s opinion and how they react. For clients that work with us to manage their TSMs, we will provide invaluable experience and knowledge that will enable RSLs to score more highly in the TSM league tables that they would if working on this alone.

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Guaranteed Methodology

We will carefully follow the correct methodology and provide you with the documentation to prove this to the regulator, so you don’t have to worry.

Our TSM Managed Survey methodology includes:

  • Guarantee that the survey approach and methodology meets regulatory requirements, including tenancy type
  • Additional comment response questions within survey (if you wish)
  • Estimated 30% response rate
  • Documentation on the appropriate collection method (adhering to point 52 in the TSM guidance)
  • Accessible versions (meeting point 54 in the TSM guidance)
  • 95% confidence level, calculations + error
  • Survey conducted within the Market Research Society Code of Conduct
  • GDPR compliant

Statement of Representativeness

We will provide you with formal statements that your survey is compliant with the regulator’s required approach.

The regulator requires that you prove that your TSM survey is representative of types and characteristics of your tenants. This involves analysing your existing tenant demographics, comparing them to the tenants that responded, and taking action if the results may not be representative. We will follow the best practice to constantly review the incoming results to fully ensure they are representative and document the results so you have them available, should the regulator ask.

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Regulator-Ready Data

All your TSM perception survey data, prepared in the correct format, ready to hand over to the regulator.

The regulator is requesting the results data in a very specific format with information to confirm that we have followed their guidelines correctly. We will provide you a data pack that is ready to hand over straight to the regulator. We will take care to adhere to the requested format and correct approach, so you don’t have to worry about the process or the results.

Internal Reports & Presentations

A detailed analysis of your results for your senior management team.

Whilst there is an essential data set to hand over to the regulator, it is likely that you will wish to analyse the tenant responses in detail and to understand any learning outcomes from them. We will provide a full written report of the results and give you access to live and interactive dashboards that will allow you to drill into the answers contained within the data. Our was survey experts will also provide their experience, judgement and commentary on the data and do a personal presentation to your management team so that you can learn how to boost your satisfaction score in the future.

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TSM Survey Pricing

A simple hassle-free package for your TSM survey

Number of UnitsCost
>20,000£ call

Email survey invites are free, SMS invites costs 4.5p per text message.

Phone calls costs depend on any additional questions. As standard TSM survey is £8.44 per phone response.

Because we work with so many housing associations we understand the needs and requirements of RSLs and their tenants. As a result we've been able to put together this very competitive TSM package that covers everything that you're going to need to make a compliant response to the regulator.

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We Help You

We are proud of how much our staff care about helping you and your customers. We are here to help with anything from building surveys to scheduling PDF reports. We are not just a software company. We commit to providing quality, heart-felt services to improve your tenant satisfaction.


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