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CX-Feedback is trusted by 75+ social landlords to create



CX-Feedback seamlessly bridges the gap between social landlords and their tenants. Its easy-to-use, intuitive tools make creating and reporting on transactional surveys, local consultations or one-off surveys a breeze. CX-Feedback’s powerful messaging tools allow you to instantly target groups of tenants about things that are relevant and matter to them. Implement CX-Feedback in just days and watch your tenant satisfaction rise.


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Transform Tenant Engagement with CX-Feedback

The Ultimate Solution to Elevate Satisfaction Scores


Transactional & One-off

CX-Feedback automates a host of usually time-consuming tasks, from regulatory compliance commitments to transactional surveys (e.g. repairs feedback). CX-Feedback plugs seamlessly into every UK housing management system so set-up is a breeze. Make and send any type of survey in just minutes.

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Targeted Graphical Messages

Targeted Engagement and Involvement

CX-Feedback Engagement+ saves you time and money by making it simple to implement targeted engagement strategies that would otherwise be impractical. We know demands and expectations on Engagement teams to do more with less are ramping up, so our tools and templates are designed to help you easily build tailored communications.

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Benchmarking and TSM Surveys

We can complete your Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) survey in line with regulatory requirements. To boost your scores before tenants are asked to complete the TSM survey, you can also opt to work with our experts and use the CX-Feedback platform to engage better with tenants all year round.

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What Do Other Social Landlords Say?

CX-Feedback has been a game-changer for our tenant engagement. We have been able to engage with our tenants in different areas and adapt our services to meet their local needs.
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Susan McDonald

Kingdom Housing
We love CX. It’s easy to use and we are finding it can be used for loads of things we never initially thought about.

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Sandy Young

Almond Housing Association

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CX-Feedback by Target Applications Ltd is a cloud-based, digital, tenant survey and engagement tool.

We have been delivering software designed specifically for UK RSLs and Public Services since 2008.