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Coronavirus Emergency Community Monitoring Tool

Automatically Monitor the Health and Wellbeing of your Tenants

*** Free to existing customers & our cost price to other RSLs ***
Quick to Implement (1 day)
You can get up and running in a matter of hours, allowing you to get back to helping tenants.
Sort High Risk from Low Risk
Sort out which tenants will struggle with food and medicine, which might have household income affected, and which are willing to volunteer to help others.
Monitor Tenants Wellbeing
Get a weekly update of your tenants wellbeing for three key factors: Social, Physical and Emotional
Send Out Online Help
Identify groups in need of information and send them targeted online resources based on their need
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Monitor Isolated Tenants' Critical and Wellbeing Indicators

Check In with your Tenants Weekly Via Mobile or Email

Automatically get status updates on High Risk Tenants once a week and Low Risk Tenants once a fortnight, and use the information to direct your resources into the right areas.
High Risk tenants will be the most vulnerable over the coming months. You need to periodically contact them to make sure you know as soon as they need help.

Monitor Critical Indicators

Use the Community Monitor tool to watch for the things which will affect your tenants wellbeing most, including:

  • Food and Supplies
  • Medicine and Care
  • Household Income Changes
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Monitor Key Wellbeing Indicators

Use the Community Monitor tool to watch for the things which will affect your tenants lives most, including:

  • Willingness to Help
  • Loneliness
  • Regular Exercise
  • Mental Health

For more information contact Fraser Campbell on 07576 269 464

Identify Vulnerable Tenants with Food or Medication Shortages

Some of your most High-Risk tenants may experience shortages of food, supplies and medicines that would put them at risk. The Emergency Community Monitor means you can allow them to let you know when they need your help.

Medication and food
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Monitor and Trend Wellbeing & the Effects of Isolation

The periods of isolation are going to take their toll on your more vulnerable tenants. Identify and trend this so that you can control interventions.

A full reporting system by tenant or area allows you to identify particular individuals or groups displaying negative wellbeing signals so you can support them through these difficult times.

Connect Volunteers To Those in Need

Let Low-Risk Tenants identify themselves as Volunteers to help High-Risk Tenants

Utilise your existing community to provide ad-hoc help, support and socialisation to the people who need it most in your neighbourhoods.

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How it Works

Export your tenants list as an Excel file and our team will import this into CX-Feedback (Full GDPR documents can be provided).

You can customise branding and information sent out to your tenants including signposting to key phone services and online resources.

CX-Feedback will identify your vulnerable and at-risk tenants and send them a weekly email and SMS message containing a unique hyperlink. Once clicked this will ask them key wellbeing questions about their available food/ supplies, medication and their mental & physical health. The system will send tenants these “check-in” message weekly during the Coronavirus crisis. For non-vulnerable tenants it will send a different set of question bi-weekly to identify their household isolation status.

Individual concerns are automatically flagged and escalated in CX-Feedback so that you can provide support and help for your tenants through these difficult times.

Our systems are online, secure and already widely used by housing associations across the country.

What does it cost, and how quickly can it be implemented?

As part of this crisis we have been working around the clock to re-purpose our widely used CX-Feedback Tenant Engagement software to monitor isolated and vulnerable tenants. We want to provide this to all housing associations at only our runnings costs.

Implementation is very quick - just hours. We will set everything up for you, train you and support you from wherever you are working.

The CX-Feedback Emergency Community Monitoring tool is free to any existing CX-Feedback customers or costs £2500+VAT (our running costs) for new customers. If you communicate with tenants via email then it's free, or 4p per text via SMS. We will support and provide this service for as long as the Coronavirus crisis continues.

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For more information contact Fraser Campbell on 07576 269 464

We are here to help you

In these difficult times we will help you and provide unlimited support and assistance to ensure that you can stay in touch with the needs of your tenants.


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