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Every HA Ranked by Google Review (Jan 2020) ​

Google reviews are an interesting indicator of tenant sentiment and their feelings towards their HA. While we might perceive low Google rankings as indicative of a bad service, higher numbers of negative reviews can often be an indicator that tenants did not feel listened to and felt their only option was to use Google to publicly shame.

CX-Feedback have compiled a “leaderboard” of large HAs to benchmark and compare their Google review scores. Google reviews are location based, so where an HA has multiple offices, we have combined the scores into one.

In the Report:
  • 18 pages of rankings, advice and conclusions
  • The full ranked list for every Large HA
  • Tips and advice directly from the top performing HAs
  • Facebook review comparison with Google
  • Analysis of the reasons for good and bad reviews
Download the full report.

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